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Three love enterprises in Xingtai give love food to angel in white

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Fight against the epidemic, join hands with three love enterprises in Xingtai to present love food to the angel in white
"Thank you, manager Liu Jun, and manager Guo Jiyong and manager Guo Jianfang for the tea, instant noodles, fruits and other love food donated to Xingtai epilepsy hospital. At this critical moment of national epidemic prevention, all the medical staff of Xingtai epilepsy hospital are not afraid of cold and dangerous fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention and testing. The three leaders of love enterprises help us to solve the problems, which makes us feel more cordial, This has strengthened our determination and confidence to win this epidemic prevention and control war. " On February 5, Zhang Chunfeng, the Dean, said when he received the donation of love.
On the morning of February 5, Liu Jun, the head of a tea house located in Hongxing East Street, Qiaodong District, Xingtai City, came to the duty point to comfort the staff with tea after learning that the medical staff of Xingtai epilepsy hospital were on duty at the intersection of Zhongxing Road and Donghua road.

Manager Liu Jun (the first on the left) of a tea house in Hongxing East Street, Qiaodong District, Xingtai City presents tea to the staff of Xingtai epilepsy hospital

Guo Jiyong and Guo Jianfang, two other managers in Xingtai City, also personally sent the love food to Xingtai epilepsy hospital after learning the news of duty. They have expressed that they should use the love and responsibility of enterprises to do what they can for epidemic prevention and control. During the novel coronavirus control and prevention period, these love foods provided solid support for the medical staff of Xingtai epilepsy hospital.

Guo Jiyong and Guo Jianfang, manager of Xingtai love enterprise, deliver love food to Xingtai epilepsy hospital

In order to coordinate novel coronavirus epidemic control and prevention in the Xingtai Development Zone, Zhang Yufu, a psychological expert at Xingtai epilepsy hospital, was personally in charge. Through WeChat, telephone and other means, the negative psychology of all kinds of personnel in the epidemic management and prevention was intervened so as to enable the epidemic prevention and control personnel to enter the field with a scientific and rigorous mentality. In the battle against the plague.
(picture Zhang pengpeng)
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