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Brief introduction to Hebei Xingtai Epilepsy Hospital

Liuwei antiepileptic pill,Tianma antiepileptic pill, Yizhi brain-strengthening pill

Inheritance of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Liuwei antiepileptic pill’s effect: Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, extinguishing wind and stopping spasm. Especially for epilepsy of Qi and blood stasis and traumatic epilepsy.

Tianma antiepileptic pill’s effect: Strengthening the spleen, drying dampness, extinguishing wind and resolving phlegm. Used for grand mal epilepsy caused by wind-phlegm obstruction.

Yizhi brain-strengthening pill’s effect: Nourishing yin and blood, developing intelligence and calming mind. Used for insomnia, amnesia, dizziness, headache, weakness of waist and knee and fatigue caused by YIN-blood deficiency. It also be used for children with mental retardation, senile dementia, traumatic headache, headache epilepsy, etc..

The above three preparations are handed down from family to generation and processed by special technology.

The three main preparations of our hospital have obtained the approval number of Hebei provincial drug administration. They are safe and effective Chinese medicine preparations recognized by the state for the treatment of epilepsy.

XingTai Epilepsy Hospital was established in 1982. It is under the direct jurisdiction of Xingtai Health Care Commission, a designated unit of Xingtai Workers'Medical Insurance and Xingtai Development Zone Urban and Rural Residents' Medical Insurance. It is also the only one in Xingtai City that mainly studies and treats epilepsy, schizophrenia, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, mania and intractable insomnia. Our unique treatment methods are well known in the world.

As you know, epilepsy is a kind of obstinate and difficult disease in the nowadays world; the incidence of it is 0.6%. But now for Dr. Tang Zhimian and other doctors who work in this hospital, it is no more a difficult problem. According to determining the treatment based on differentiation of symptoms and signs with the Chinese traditional medicine and the long-term clinical observing studies, mainly by calming down the frightening, dispersing the bad wind that invaded into the body, lowering the gas in the body, melting the spit, activating the blood, eliminating the stopping spot, they pay more attention to inside and outside double therapy. Combining with the acupuncture, it could control discharging of brain cells effectively and control the seizures finally. For a long time, people think that epilepsy can not be controlled. It is a prejudice. Because of lacking of systemic and normal therapy, the patients lose chances of healing, suffer from seizures, and lose confidence finally. Although epilepsy is difficult to cure, the patient can be healed. A lot of materials show that 90% patients can be healed by taking therapy in time and right therapy.

The psychiatric department of our hospital has established technical cooperation with Beijing Anding Hospital, Hebei Psychiatric Hospital and Hebei University Institute of Mental Health. Advanced psychiatric diagnosis and treatment technologies such as laser meridian therapy and psychoanalysis have been developed successively. The coincidence rate of clinical diagnosis of various psychiatric diseases reaches 100%, and the effective rate of clinical treatment reaches 90%. Traditional Chinese medicine and dialectical treatment are the characteristics of psychiatric treatment in our hospital. Specialized treatment of schizophrenia, depression, mania, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder, intractable insomnia and other difficult psychiatric disorders. Psychiatric ward is divided into depression treatment area, mania treatment area and neurosis area according to the type of disease. Hospitalization without accompanying, experienced medical staff offer services for patients 24 hours.

So far, more than 1,000,000 patients have got medical treatment at the hospital, who came from more than 20 countries and regions, such as domestic, Singapore, Switzerland, America, Germany, Australia, Japan, Russia, Yugoslavia, etc. The medical result got highly praised from the patients and their families. Because of the great success of the therapy, the hospital became the interesting focus of the main media. Special reports have been given by both from domestic and abroad, such as CCTV, China Radio International and Television Station, The People's Daily and its overseas edition, the Health Newspaper, the Science and Technology Daily, the Economic Daily, Hebei Daily, the Evening Paper and the Fighting Papers from Yugoslavia, etc, and this also arouse the interests of the medical colleagues in the world.

In 23rd, November, 1999, the experts went to Yugoslavia to give lecture on Chinese dialectic medicine. In 22nd, April, 2000, on behalf of the hospital the experts attended the International Traditional Medicine Meeting, and subscribed 56 agreements on the meeting with experts from America, Germany, Canada, Japan, Egypt, etc. We made friend hospital with Belgrade Asylum in 2000. In 9th, May, 2000, Dr. HuYu, the major of Chinese Traditional Academy of Sciences in America visited our hospital and made ‘China-America friend hospital’. In February, 2001,Our experts gave lectures in 8 countries, such as Germany, France,Austria, Italy, etc. During the meetings, they won high praise for dialectic Chinese traditional medicine on healing the epilepsy. In 2003, we made friend with Urumchi friend hospital, and we built a Chinese traditional clinic in Shenyang Shuaifu in 2004.

The service principle of the hospital is as follows: To cure the patients and help them. The patients are above all. With all the hearts and effort to serve for the health of the patients' body and spirit.

We'd like to give warm hands to all the patients from every country and help them to be healthy.

The Address: No.12,Xindu South Road, development area, XingTai city, HeBei province, China

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