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Tourette's syndrome, also known as multiple childhood tic syndrome, is a kind of syndrome and behavior disorder characterized by movement, speech and convulsion. Generally, it shows small twitches or frequent blinks of the head, trunk, upper and lower limbs, strange sounds from the throat, unclear individual syllables, words or sentences, or swearing words. The onset of the disease is mostly in childhood or adolescence.
Traditional Chinese medicine belongs to the categories of "Qi", "convulsion", "muscle and muscle". Its pathological characteristics are deficiency of heart, liver, blood, spleen and phlegm. Clinical dialectical classification: 1. The type of heart liver blood deficiency and phlegm heat: the head and arms are involuntary twitch, increasing, blinking, pouting, twisting neck, shrugging, profanity, pale yellow face, red tongue, thin yellow fur, slippery pulse strings. The treatment mainly includes nourishing the heart and liver, calming the nerves, clearing the heart and resolving phlegm. 2. Spleen deficiency and phlegm accumulation, liver pulse maladjusted type, multiple and variable movements, muscle twitching in the body, blinking and torticollis, mouth opening and sighing, palpitation and discomfort in the pharynx, restless sleep at night, more dreamtalk, yellow complexion, fatigue and fatigue, less absorption, light red tongue, white moss, deep and smooth pulse. The main treatment is to invigorate the spleen and remove phlegm, and to clear and regulate the liver channel.
The expert group of our hospital, using traditional Chinese medicine, dialectical treatment. Over the past 40 years, it has treated more than one million patients at home and abroad, and won the praise of patients with its unique curative effect.
Huang XX, male, 11 years old, was strangled by his classmates when playing with them at school. After 3 days, he had a bad sleep and was nervous. Sometimes, his throat made a strange cry, shrugged his shoulders, squeezed his eyes, and even his hands and feet twitched uncontrollably. Once in a hospital in Beijing, the effect is not good, the symptoms aggravate, after someone introduced to our hospital for treatment. At the time of treatment, he was pale yellow and nervous, shrugged and winked, fidgety, red tongue, thin fur, yellow greasy, and smooth pulse. The syndrome belongs to the type of heart liver blood deficiency and phlegm heat accumulation. After taking 7 doses of medicine, shrug and wink disappeared, hand foot twitch decreased. After taking medicine for 3 months, all symptoms disappeared, learning as usual, followed up for half a year, no recurrence.
A 7-year-old male from Serbia suffered from excitement and difficulty falling asleep after playing mobile games for a long time. He blinked involuntarily in the past month, pursed his lips, twisted his neck, sometimes swearing and swearing. His muscles twitched uncontrollably and affected his normal life. Once in the local treatment, taking medicine for 1 year, the effect is not good, the symptoms gradually aggravate, after the introduction, came to our hospital for treatment. At the time of treatment, his face was yellow, he was restless in the night, tired and weak, he had little appetite, blinked involuntarily, twisted his neck, his tongue was light red, his fur was white, and his pulse was deep and smooth. The syndrome belongs to spleen deficiency, phlegm accumulation and liver vessel maladjustment type. The parents of the patients are advised not to let the children watch electronic products such as mobile phones, computers and televisions, and to cooperate with the drugs. After taking medicine for 15 days, the symptoms were relieved. After taking medicine for 6 months, all the symptoms disappeared and the life was as usual. The follow-up visit lasted for 1 year, without recurrence and normal development.
Selection of children's tic syndrome
Heart liver blood deficiency and phlegm heat accumulation type: pale yellow, tense, shrugging, winking, fidgety, red tongue, thin yellow fur, slippery pulse strings.
Chrysanthemum 15g, lotus seed 6G, spirit fairy 10g, double hook 10g, Yuanzhi 10g, kudzu root 10g, Shichangpu 10g, Zhimu 10g, fried Bombyx mori 10g, Gastrodia elata 10g, Yujin 10g, Phellodendron 10g, windproof 10g, mother of Pearl 30g, shijueming 20g, oyster 3G
Symptoms: pale complexion, restless sleep at night, tiredness, weakness, lack of accommodation, involuntary blinking, neck twisting, reddish tongue, white moss, slippery pulse.
Gastrodia elata 10g, Bombyx Batryticatus 10g, calamus 10g, pseudoginseng 10g, Yunling 10g, Astragalus 15g, Coptis 10g
Magnetite 20g Atractylodes macrocephala 10g keel 15g oyster 15g double hook 10g orange peel 10g
Red peony 10g pollen 10g job's tears 15g liquorice 6g