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As everyone knows, epilepsy is a more intractable disease in the world today. Its incidence rate is 0.6%. The expert group headed by Tang Zhimian, the director of the hospital, has hundreds of trials, and has accumulated rich experience in the field of traditional Chinese medicine treatment based on syndrome differentiation and long-term clinical practice observation. It can effectively inhibit the abnormal discharge of brain cells, control the attack and achieve a complete cure. The hospital has successfully developed a series of symptomatic medical formulas. So far, it has received nearly one million epileptics and psychosis patients from more than 40 countries and regions, including China, the United States, the former Yugoslavia, France, Australia, Japan, Germany, etc., highly praised by patients and their families at home and abroad. Due to the great success of the treatment, the hospital has become a major news media Body focus. CCTV, China Radio, people's daily and its overseas edition, China Daily, health news, China Science and technology news, Hebei Daily, the former Yugoslavia evening news, battle news, South Korea daily and other news media all made special reports on the treatment results of the hospital, whose unique treatment effect ranked first in the world's peers, recognized by the World Health Organization and national competent departments, and cited It has attracted the attention of peers all over the world.
Psychiatry: the international famous psychiatry and psychology expert group has been sitting for consultation for many years. The expert group has published more than 20 papers in the Chinese Journal of neuropsychology, and has been awarded the honorary title of the world's excellent medical expert. Professional treatment: schizophrenia, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, obstinate insomnia, etc., with the combination of Chinese and Western medicine, drug treatment, physical treatment, short-term cure, no recurrence.