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Parkinson's syndrome, also known as tremor paralysis, occurs in the elderly. The cause of the disease is not clear. The main clinical features were progressive bradycardia, myotonia and tremor. Tremor in traditional Chinese Medicine
"Flutter", "shaking off", "spasm" and other categories. It is mainly related to deficiency of liver and kidney, deficiency of both qi and blood, and internal movement of liver wind and often qi stagnation and blood stasis. The clinical dialectical types are as follows: 1. Deficiency of both qi and blood, wind movement of blood stasis, dark complexion, stupidity and laziness, weakness of legs, strong neck constraint, long-term tremor of limbs, severe tremor, or limb constraint, poor activity, walking flustered, dizziness, self perspiration, movement, especially, fat tongue and teeth marks The tongue is dark, with ecchymosis and weak veins. It is suitable for the treatment of Invigorating Qi, nourishing blood, activating collaterals and calming the wind. 2. Liver and kidney insufficiency, blood stasis and wind movement: emaciated body, dizziness and tinnitus, insomnia and dreaminess, headache or night sweat, impatience and irritability, weak waist and legs, strong or shaking neck and back constraint, closed teeth in severe cases, long-term shaking of limbs, large shaking range, or tight limbs, unstable gait, thin and small tongue, dark red tongue or ecchymosis, little or peeling fur or yellowish, and fine vein. It is better to cultivate Yin, extinguish wind and activate collaterals. 3. Phlegm heat moving wind: the body is slightly fat, the mind is dull and sluggish, the chest and epigastric are stuffy, the mouth is dry or sweaty, the head is dizzy, the phlegm color is yellow, the back of the neck is strong and urgent or the limbs are shaking off, it can be light or heavy, it can be self-made, the tongue is red, the fur is yellow and greasy, and the pulse string is fine. It is suitable to treat phlegm heat, wind and collaterals.
Patient Zhang XX, female, 70 years old, complained of irritability, poor sleep at night, sleeping for 2-3 hours every night, shaking hands when eating, unable to hold chopsticks, walking unsteadily, needing the support of family members, dry stool, for more than 1 year; check the tongue red, little moss, and fine pulse. The syndrome belongs to the deficiency of liver and kidney, blood stasis and wind movement. Add and subtract the decoction of Gastrodia and Uncaria. Prescription: dangshen 10g, Huangqi 20g, Danggui 10g, Tianma 10g, paeony 10g, Uncaria 15g (lower part), shijueming 10g, Danshen 10g, jisangsangteng 10g, chuanniuxi 10g, Eucommia 10g, sangparasitic 10g, Maidong 10g, mature ground 10g, scorpion 6G, calamus 10g, fried jujube 20g, etc. after taking 10 doses, sleep at night is more stable, can sleep for 6 or 7 hours, tremor is reduced, and walking has strength. Add or subtract temporary symptoms, continue to take medicine for 1 month, can take chopsticks to eat, walk without the help of family members, did not complain of irritability. The symptoms disappeared 3 months later.