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TCM syndrome differentiation commonly used in psychiatry:
1. Qi phlegm stagnation is equivalent to schizophrenia, chronic delusional state or simple type patients in western medicine. Dialectical analysis: according to Chinese medicine, phlegm can cause diseases, and the formation of phlegm is an obstacle to the function of spleen's main circulation. Water dampness of the body is caused by stagnation of Qi and stagnation of phlegm Qi. Treatment: regulating qi and relieving depression, eliminating phlegm and opening up the body prescriptions: SHUNQI Daotan Decoction plus Yuanzhi, Yujin and calamus.
2. Western medicine schizophrenia, paranoid and paranoid. Pathogenesis: unsmooth emotions, irritated liver, rebellious spleen, spleen failure, phlegm. Liver Qi attacks on the head and phlegm. Delusions of the injured. Treatment principle: Shugan Jianpi, Yangxue Anshen prescription: Jieyu Wendan Decoction, 12g of tangerine peel, 6G of pinellia, 10g of Fructus aurantii, 10g of Amomum, 15g of bupleurum, 15g of Xiangfu, 12g of Polygala, 10g of Yujin, 10g of calamus, etc.