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Depression, which is called depression syndrome in traditional Chinese medicine, is a kind of disease caused by unsmooth emotion and stagnation of Qi. All depression caused by stagnation of liver Qi is an empirical one, while long depression without understanding, damage to the heart and spleen, involving kidney yin or deficiency of medium Qi is a deficiency one. On the basis of the principle of "strengthening the body, reducing the body, and tonifying the body", good clinical effect has been achieved.
Yao XX, a 22-year-old female, was reluctant to talk with others and gradually reluctant to go out due to lack of sleep and work early one year ago. She complained that her memory was reduced and she could not concentrate on her work. Sometimes she felt scared and could not eat, and she felt confused. Check: the tongue is light white and the pulse is deep and thin. It is suggested to strengthen the spleen, nourish the heart and replenish the Qi and blood. Danggui 10g, stir fried Atractylodes 10g, dangshen 15g, Huangqi 20g, Muxiang 10g, tulip 10g, etc. The patient took 7 doses of medicine, the mood of the second diagnosis was slightly improved, the sleep was more than before, there was still reluctance to eat, and was unwilling to communicate with others. This time, the liver and Qi were increased, and stomach antidepressant drugs were added, and 14 doses of medicine were continued to take, the stomach discomfort of the third diagnosis was significantly reduced, the mood was significantly improved, and the communication with acquaintances was more than before. Continue to take medicine for 1 month, the patient did not see again.