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In the epilepsy Department of Xingtai epilepsy hospital, an expert group led by Professor Tang Zhimian, a famous international expert on epilepsy treatment, has been sitting around all the year round and has established wind, fire, phlegm, deficiency and blood stasis as the main pathogenesis of the disease. The phlegm is covered with clear orifices and the mind is faint. The wind shakes actively and convulses and vibrates. The incidence of epilepsy is particularly important for "wind" and "phlegm". On the basis of the ancestral secret recipe, the members of the expert group have established the principle of eliminating phlegm, relaxing the wind and opening the orifices to fix epilepsy The treatment of epilepsy by using wild natural Chinese herbal medicine has a unique therapeutic effect on such intractable seizures as generalized tonic clonic seizure, psychomotor seizure, delirium seizure, periodic epilepsy, infantile spasm, status epilepticus and so on. For epileptic patients who have been suffering from epilepsy for many years, the side effects of traditional Chinese medicine are small, the curative effect is long-lasting and stable, and the radical cure is achieved.
Psychiatrists in the Department of psychiatry use the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine with acupuncture and psychotherapy, public entertainment therapy, physical therapy and other professional treatment methods, so that more and more patients with schizophrenia, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, stubborn insomnia and other patients from here to physical and mental recovery, return to family happiness.